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Remember in 1st and 2nd grade when you would fill out your About Me paperwork at the beginning of the year? Every year was pretty much the same questions, and ¨What do you want to be when you grow up?¨ is nearly ALWAYS on that list.. Most kids write the basic Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, etc. then you had the Lenzi´s of the class writing ¨Mom of 4¨ in the space every year.. Being a mom is the one thing I have known I was destined to be. We can blame that for the reason I changed majors 4 times in college because nothing felt right.. 

 Mom-ing ain´t easy, plain and simple… if it were easy they´d call it dad-ing right?……. KIDDING!! Dad´s have their challenges too.. More likely than not, you were aware of some of the challenges of parenting prior to becoming a mom, but I´m sure there are still days where you clean the kitchen spotless only to turn around to see that your 2 year old helped himself to the gogurt in the refrigerator and the sword fight he just had with his 1 year old sister left your kitchen a purple sticky mess that smells like berries. Every day there is a new obstacle to overcome in parenting and learning that has to take place, both for me and my babies. 

We can talk all day about the tantrums that come with terrorist two´s or the monster fevers and fussy disposition that goes along with teething. No matter how well you mom.. kids are still going to be kids. Sometimes you just have to laugh at that gogurt war, and when they´re not feeling 100%, you get to take advantage of the extra cuddles.. Soak them in for there will come a day when they stop needing you to kiss their boo-boo or cuddle them through the rain storm. Yay for motherhood! It´s a WHOLE NEW WORLD.. (I really hope you sang that like the Little Mermaid, & you´re welcome for now having it stuck in your head..) 

So moving on- I have been blessed with wonderful women surrounding me my entire life. Majority of my friends and family have asked me pregnancy (prenatal, labor, postnatal) questions for over a decade now due to my mom being a L&D RN Manager (easy access to real answers without paying a doctor or consultant fee). This has developed my passion for everything pregnancy. It fascinates me to know that every pregnancy is so different from woman to woman. 

After hearing so many of my friends tell me (or ask me) bizarre ¨facts¨ that were really just an old wives´ tales from another world.. I started this blog. My goal is to share tips and tricks that have been tried and true for me with pregnancy, breastfeeding, raising my babies (ages 2&1—> brave I know), family budgeting, and even some family recipes that are kid friendly and easy to throw together on a week night. The focus of any post is going to be to aid you in your mommin´ questions or just to let you know that you´re not alone in your situation. Obviously I do not know all the answers, but I can typically try to help you find some solutions to your situation. Feel free to reach out and contact me with any questions you may have, or you can subscribe to my newsletter and get weekly updates of what´s going on in my life and when a new post has arrived!! 




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