Hello Everybody!!

Lenzi here!! I am a mom of two beautiful babies, Knox (2) and Aspen (1), a wife to an obnoxious Philadelphia Eagles fan—none of those bandwagon fans, I´m talking fan through the days where winning was more rare than football being cancelled in Texas.. Anyways, I am also a Jr. High teacher (I know- BRAVE), a God fearing Christian, and a homebody that loves work on DIY projects, read, bake, cook, and vacation..—> homebodys can vacation too ya´ll. My goal is to add a few of my mom tricks to your bag of go-to´s for momming like it´s what you were born to do. Let´s mom smarter, not harder together!! I have surrounded myself by the best group of women around to pass along their mom advice, so it´s my goal to pass that along to you!!

Being a mom boils down to a few necessities: soak in the toys all over the floor- one day you will miss your babies playing in ¨your space¨, laugh at the ravioli that just stained your white curtains (I mean did you really love them anyway? Nothing a Walmart run can´t fix), write down the funny things your kiddo says or stories they tell you.. you´ll need these when they grow into teenagers that don´t want to talk to you. And lastly, hold them tight, snuggle when you can, and soak in that beautiful baby smell because one day they´re going to wreak of hormones and disappointment 🙂 Haha! Kidding..I´m sort of kidding..



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