It’s Sunday afternoon right now in my (usually) sunny Texas town- (even though it’s currently been SNOWING since 5am this morning!!) We are so happy about that.. but even though we have had a blast building an 8ft. Snowman this morning, sipping on chocolate flavored coffee with whip cream on top, and relaxing by the fire watching football the remainder of the day.. the anxious feeling in my gut is starting to rumble.

I don’t know about you, but my anxiety tends to creep up at the most unexpected times and can even take over my moods, resulting in a ruined afternoon. If this sounds familiar, then I’m sure you’re staring at your phone yelling PREACH! So I’ll cut to the chase. I decided long ago that I’m not going to allow for anymore ruined vacations, afternoons, or weekends with the family. I have to take hold of the anxious feeling in my gut and tell it who’s BOSS. This isn’t intended to be a medical plan for you, or an end all be all for your feelings (I don’t work magic after all), but it’s just the list of things I choose to do to dampen my anxiety without looking to medication as a fix. My site does include affiliate links, these are just to products I personally enjoy or benefit from. It does not cost extra to you, but I make a small commission from each purchase.

If you’re looking for the short and sweet version of this post- click here instead.

#1. Exercise. I have learned the more exercise I do, the less anxious I feel. Having a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Exercise promotes positive self confidence, deeper breathing with pushes higher volumes of oxygen to your brain and allows you to think clear. My go-to exercise: walk with the kiddos, jog, garden/mow, hike, swim, bike, yoga- I just recently got in on Hot Yoga…. WOW! Such a game changer. Highly recommend.

#2. Deep Breathing. I use my Apple Watch to time out a deep breathing exercise, but if you don’t have an AW, the process is simple. Take one minute to breathe in fully, hold it for 5 seconds, then exhale slowly. Repeat for the entire minute.

#3. Remove yourself. I tend to find a hobby or chore to “get lost” in. I really love things like: Shaving cream art with my babies, coloring, ANYTHING cricut related, designing a new sign for the entrance to my house, (basically anything artsy fartsy), dishes/cleaning/reorganizing the kitchen, and gardening.

#4. List it out y’all! I’m a HUGE list person. Depending on what is currently stressing me, I create a list of pros/cons, a to do list, and a type of list that goes hand in hand with a timeline. Meaning I write my starting goal and end goal.. then add the steps I have to complete to get to that point. For me, lists help me organize my mind which is eases my anxiety.

#5. Eat and drink clean. This can be tough for a lot of people to do, but eating and drinking unhealthy can cause you to feel bla.. I am not saying ALWAYS, but just take a few days of eating clean because when you eat fresh, you feel fresh, which clears your mind and eases anxiety. In a way it can just give you a reboot.

#6. Confide in others. Look to the root of what you’re feeling anxious about and talk it through with someone. Sometimes just hearing your problems discussed with someone else can help you see that it’s not THAT big of an issue after all.

#6. Write. Clearly writing is my outlet, so I had to include it in my list.. I have a journal on my bedside table that is full of my random thoughts/worries/ stressors. With each of my points, I write it out like a story or a prayer.. I call it my prayer journal, and it has become part of daily routine- 10 minutes of time to build my relationship with God and de-stress.

#7. Pray. I have full belief in the Power of Prayer. With miracles and with day to day struggles.

#8. Take time. Meaning, take time for yourself to just enjoy and spoil yourself. Paint your nails, color, go on a target run and grab a Starbucks while you’re there, buy a new outfit, or get your hair done. Heck, take a bubble bath with some relaxing music & lavender essential oils and drink a glass of wine.

#9. Nap. SAY LESS!!! Your body needs sleep. Plain and simple- you are healthier mentally and physically when you get enough rest.

#10. Discover your solution. In order to find out what you NEED to feel better, dig deep to figure out what is causing the main issue. If it is something within your means to remedy: for example, money, find your solution, like searching for another income source, selling off things you no longer use, or even picking up a second job when you can. It doesn’t sound ideal, but it also doesn’t have to be a forever situation. You may just need to keep a second job until you get debt paid off. Start the Dave Ramsey plan for financial freedom and don’t look back!

#11. CUDDLE PARTY. This may be my personal favorite because it involves my whole family. Throw on your comfiest pajamas, find a new movie on Disney Plus, pop that popcorn (with chocolate chips or M&M’s melted in of course), and cuddle close for the movie. My kiddos love building a fort for this one… and I will take the cuddles any time, any where.

There are countless other ways to remedy anxieties for your life. If your anxiety just seems way out of control and you have tried all you can.. maybe it is time to seem professional help. These are my top ten ways I personally have suppressed anxiety to where it’s nearly nonexistent. My prayers are with you in your journey. If none of these work for you, check out my shortened version of ideas. There are more listed with less detail to each one.

As always, I would love to hear from you! If you have tips and tricks to dealing with your anxiety, feel free to send them my way! #HappierHealthierTogether.