Hi there momma & congrats on your sweet baby on the way!! If this is your first baby, you are probably head over heels excited about all the cool gadgets and gizmos that are included on registry’s. With Knox (my first born) I had so many people tell me things like ¨ugh don´t waste your money on ______, it´s not even THAT good¨ to where it somewhat dimmed the fun of creating my registry. I´m here to play devils advocate because while yes, there are a few items I can think of off the top of my head that are completely useless or WAY overpriced…. THAT is what makes it so fun. Your registry is for WANTS. I mean, yes it is for NEEDS also- but the registry is where you attach all those things that are ¨fun¨ that you typically wouldn´t deem necessary to add to your cart. That being said, just have FUN while creating your registry. Also- every baby is different and wants different things, so you just tell those negative Nancy´s to let you Mom the way YOU want.

Before you register, be sure to check the store´s policy on returns, offers, discounts, reward programs, etc. I chose to register at Amazon mainly because it was convenient, but also because of their easy returns, fast shipments, they also have a program set up to help you with your registry (with a checklist and all!!), there´s a package of freebies you qualify for (read their memo for terms), they offer subscription discounts to essentials like diapers, AND they offer a percentage off if your shower date passes and your items remain in the registry-meaning no one bought them- so when you purchase them yourself, you get a certain percentage off. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT AMAZON. If you want to skip my explanation for each item, you can see my list of each item I registered for my babies (or bought myself) here. 


    • HAAKA. (Insert raised hands emoji here because this is a God send). A Haakaa is a silicone breast pump that is hands-free once you get it attached. You can read more about the Hakaa here, but there are all different types of Haakaa´s. I would recommend the attached link on the left because has a base on it, so it is less likely to tip over. I have used a Haakaa without the base also (currently I have both of these that I interchange) and it works just as great, I just ended up with a LOT of spilled liquid gold due to my 2 year old, the pups, and my own clumsy mishaps.
  • Diaper bag- Do your research here, look at pockets, insulation, and options for multiple ways to carry.
  • Bottle Types- Again research, research, research. Sometimes even that isn´t enough to make your baby drink out of it. Bottles are trial and error in my house..
  • Breast pump(!!) Check with your insurance provider FIRST!! My insurance provided a breast pump, all the parts (with extras), AND a carrier at no cost to me. If you must register, I am recommending Medela . I have tried 2 other brands, and I pump more than twice the amount with my Medela- again everyone is different, this is just what worked for me.
  • Diaper changing table- This is one item people told me was a waste of money, but I HIGHLY disagree because let me just tell ya,,, babies poop, A LOT. If you´re changing them on your bed, be prepared to wash a lot of sheets because those explosive lava diarrhea breastmilk poops are unpredictable, and so is the sudden movement during a diaper change your sweet baby love will make that smears it all over your nice clean sheets.
  • Travel diaper changing station. Your travel changing station doesn´t have to be fancy, just something that you can lay down in public (or the back of your vehicle ) to keep the baby comfortable and germ free.
  • Diaper changing pad- These  MAY be included with your table. If so, then you´re one step ahead! If not, make sure you get a cover  for it and a waterproof liner while you´re at it.
  • Diapers– Let me reiterate…. babies poop A LOT. I would recommend registering for gobs of size 1 diapers and not as many NB because many babies can fit size 1 when they´re born and with the weigh limits, they will wear them a few months (again, depending on the baby). My second baby, Aspen, was born weighing 10.7, and she fit in size 1 for 2-3 months if that helps. Amazon offers subscriptions to diapers that gives you a discount on bulk cases for each months delivery. GAME CHANGER
  • Wipe Holder/warmer. Register for a wipe warmer for the house and a holder for the car. The wipe warmer was such an added comfort for nighttime diaper changes, and it even was a plus during the day. I used the two below for Knox and Aspen because there is a light on them just bright enough for you to see what you´re doing without disturbing your babies lolling back to sleep. Very easy to use, just be sure you check the water level each time so your wipes don´t get dried out.

Car seat- My suggestion here is to do your research AND go physically touch car seats from different brands to feel the level of comfort. I chose a convertible car seat because of the high quality padding (no tail bone pains), the babies sit with support all around them, and it is easy to install and even easier to clean since it unzips, and you just throw it in the washer. My sweet Aspen gets car sick nearly EVERY time we are in the car.. so the unzip capability is a HUGE plus for me. I love everything about this one, but again, do your research.

Stroller. Ladies, this one is where I made a mistake with Knox. I did register for a VERY expensive stroller (which I did get thanks to my loving parents), but there were so many options that were half the price that did exactly the same thing if not more. There are some strollers that fit your car seat, so if I could go back, I would register for a combo set like one of these.. 

  • Bedding. This is another ¨fun¨ item that forms the theme of my entire nurseries, so I have zero regrets about registering for it.
  • Rocker- Your rocker doesn´t have to cost a fortune, but I would recommend one that has some type of padding, so that your tailbone will thank you later for not grinding it down in the middle of the night when you´re trying to get your baby back to sleep.
  • Pack n Play- This can be used for traveling, playing outside, playing inside, sleeping in before transitioning to their own room…. It is a MUST.
  • Monitor. There are all kinds of monitors out there. I refuse to use a monitor that connects to wifi because I found WAY too many horror stories on strangers hacking the wifi and seeing people´s baby and life in general. However, I do use a monitor with a camera, so I can see my baby. The base is so easy for me to carry around in my pocket if I´m doing house work, getting ready, or just walking from room to room. The cameras can be set up on a shelf OR mounted to the wall…. Love it. I have also heard FANTASTIC things about the owlet baby monitor. This monitor fits around babies foot and monitors their heart rate and oxygen data and sends alerts to your phone. Many of the reviews I have read are stories that resulted in the babies life being saved, or parents having peace of mind. I have never used the owlet baby monitor personally, but I do have quite a few friends that have and loved it.
  • Noise machine/night light. Many of these systems are a combination of night light and sound machine. Babies find comfort in songs or white noise, and the night light can be an added bonus when you are stumbling into their room at all hours of the night.
  • Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Self explanatory here- babies poop A LOT and many times those poops = explosive. You go through a gob of outfits to say the least. Plus, let´s be honest…. clothes are EXTREMELY FUN!!
  • Sleep Sacks/Swaddles. Babies do find comfort in both of these items. You are the parent, so you decide which sleeping attire your little love bug will wear and how they will sleep (some people refuse to swaddle, but others argue that babies have been swaddled since the beginning of time..) all personal preference here.
  • Burp rags
  • Bath tub
  • Lotions and soap
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Wipes – Babies have sensitive skin, so just keep that in mind when you´re choosing a brand that is right for you.
  • Humidifier- Allergy season is rough, and allergies do not care if you are an adult or a sweet little baby. That humidifier will help clear the air and make it more manageable for everybody.
  • Stroller fan- I live in Texas and we only go outside certain times of the day due to heat….. even then- my babies need a fan to keep from over heating.
  • Baby Detergent. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, so I swear by the baby detergent…. plus it just smells soooo BABY. I just have to soak that in before they´re teenagers and only smell like hormones and disappointment 🙂 Kidding!
  • Mittens/socks

I just love babies. Everything baby for that matter. So precious, and sweet, (loud and stinky at times), but unconditionally loved and cherished. If you are interested in links to ALL the items listed, check this out. Just to reiterate: before you register, be sure to check the store´s policy on returns, offers, discounts, reward programs, etc…… Enjoy that sweet baby.