Hello again Momma!! I´m talking all things Haakaa from my own experience using the GAME CHANGER OF NURSING. If you haven´t joined the Haakaa fan club yet–> DO IT, you will thank me later. If you need convincing on why the Haakaa is going to be an amazing God send to your breastfeeding needs that you didn´t know could exist until you physically experienced it…… get ready for the convincing of the decade because I am ALL ABOUT THAT HAAKAA. 

At first I was a skeptic. My gorgeous sister in law is an amazing mother to my nieces, she follows all types of breastfeeding mom groups on Facebook, she researches about the benefits of breastmilk and different ways you can use it aside from just feeding your baby, and she has been nursing for nearly 5 years now….yet- my calculating self still had the audacity to question this product that she swore would change my life. Don´t ask me why because I have no idea. For my second baby, she bought me one ¨just to try and see if I like it¨ so I did… AND LET ME JUST TELL YOU>>>>WOW!


Sooo what IS a Haakaa?


A Haakaa is a silicone breast pump that suctions to your nipple/boob and allows you to catch all the liquid gold that would have otherwise leaked out everywhere. In other words, the Haakaa is God´s gift to all nursing mothers. This page does contain affiliate links to products I have used personally and believe strongly in using. If you choose to purchase from the links I have included, I do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

How does the Haakaa work?

The Haakaa attaches in 5 simple steps, and works by pulling out your nipple, therefore, freeing all the milk that is trying to push out (your letdown) by applying a comfortable amount of pressure, completely cord free. You can also squeeze the base if you need to adjust or add pressure (I only ever did this if I needed to remind my breast that it was okay to let go of that milk).


Image preview

STEP 1. Making sure your Haakaa is clean, roll back the flange (the top part that will hug your breast)

Image preview

STEP 2. With the flange pulled down still, squeeze the middle section that holds the milk.

Image preview

STEP 3. Place your nipple centered in the opening

Image preview

STEP 4. Release the flange back to its original position and release the squeeze you had on the middle section.

Image preview

STEP 5. RELAX while your Haakaa fills with milk. Notice how the balloon (nipple) is being pulled in by the flange. This is how the Haakaa works so smoothly. Once you fill your Haakaa/finish nursing, just add your liquid gold to your storage bags and get your collection growing!


The Haakaa can be used in the car if you need to excrete some pressure from milk, you can wear it while you´re getting ready for the day, and obviously during nursing. The Haakaa can be used as a manual breastpump, or just to catch the liquid gold. I have used it both ways and it has helped me stock up on breast milk early and keep the stash filled at all times. Waking up to nurse in the middle of the night is draining on your body as it is, so having the Haakaa ready to go on your night stand is going to save on unnecessary frustrations. Not to mention the fact that the Haakaa is leak proof. Once you have the lid secured you have that added peace of mind that your two year old isn´t going to knock it off the shelf during his mad dash to find a good hiding spot during hide-n-seek…. hypothetically speaking of course.. I have used a few different types of Haakaa breast pumps and will attach the link for each type. I love them both, however, the type that come with a base are my favorite because they suction to your nightstand (or whatever table is nearest) and are less likely to be knocked over. The type without the stand is just as easy to use, I just had to make sure to grab a coffee mug to set it in each time to avoid knocking it over and losing all the liquid gold… whoever said ¨no sense in crying over spilled milk¨ CLEARLY was not a breastfeeding mama. haha!

When is the right time to attach your Haakaa?

Ya know that feeling right as your milk has a letdown (I typically refer to this as my milk dropping) when it´s burning and you know it´s either going to fill your bra/pad, or (if you´re shirtless) then whoever is in the room with you better watch out or get ready for breastmilk to spray all over them?? THAT is the exact time you want to attach the Haakaa on one side and your baby on the other. As your baby nurses, the Haakaa works to pull out and catch the milk that would have otherwise been wasted. With Knox (my first baby) I didn´t know anything about a Haakaa, so I would race around to find a coffee cup to catch all my leaking milk to bag up and store, but I still had it spray everywhere and I really couldn´t manage only holding the baby in one hand and the coffee cup in the other- it was so uncomfortable.

That´s All Folks!

I hope you are thoroughly convinced by this point that you NEED the Haakaa in your life. My stock pile of breastmilk would not be what it is without my Haakaa. Just with my Haakaa breast pump alone, I currently have filled 67+ bags 6oz or more in my deep freeze.. Just tooting my own horn here. There are TONS of youtube videos that walk you through the ways of connecting a Haakaa or you can always contact me for further assistance if you are having a hard time connecting your Haakaa… Also, feel free to reach out and tell me your breastfeeding success story! I love hearing from you mamas, and I wish you the Breast of luck!! (see what I did there?) 






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