If you’re like me in any way, shape, or form.. you deal with some level of anxiety on the regular. Different ages face different anxieties, just like differing lifestyles bring on a variety of anxieties. That being said, this is not a medical post. I am not giving advice for any condition or even for extreme cases of anxiety (basically what I am saying is this is not a post that is intended to take the place of your regular doctor visit- you make that decision). I just wanted to take a second to list out the remedies I use to deal with my anxiety and make it nearly nonexistent at this point. Obviously as life changes, which is a regular occurrence, anxieties will peak, and I use these techniques to shove it away. The best part is: none require medication, many are either free or have a free option, and they can be done either independently or as a group! This post does contain affiliate links which just means I earn a commission from your purchases at no extra cost to you. 

πŸ’œ Journal- Write stressors, solution options, prayers, goals, write it all.  

πŸ’œGo for a hike, swim, walk, jog, get outside. Garden. Mow. 


πŸ’œ Yoga (Try Hot Yoga!!)

πŸ’œPaint your nails, or go one step further and go get that mani/pedi you deserve!

πŸ’œ Give yourself a massage or even better- have the hubs give you a massage

πŸ’œBubble bath and wine.. or Dr. Pepper..

πŸ’œPut on your pjs and spend some time relaxing with a book or your headphones in


πŸ’œReorganize your life- closets, kitchens, finances, get all together. 

πŸ’œPut together a puzzle

πŸ’œTake a well deserved nap- your body and mind NEED/THRIVE on sleep

πŸ’œ Watch your favorite movie and pop your own popcorn (add in M&M’s of course) Chocolate, makes the heart (&mind) happy.. scientifically of course!

πŸ’œCuddle your loves—-> often. 

πŸ’œ Target run with a Starbucks treat while you’re there.

πŸ’œ If money is fine- flip a coin on a map and road trip where it lands

πŸ’œ Music (preferably a jam session with LOTS of mirror dancing and brush microphone)

πŸ’œ Talk it out- loved ones are there for you. Preachers, Counselors, Friends & Family. 

πŸ’œ Find a hobby you love, and do it- often. 

πŸ’œ Breathe. preferably deep breathing exercises. Yoga helps!

πŸ’œ Start a new venture. Maybe your anxiety is spawned from you feeling like you’re settling. 

πŸ’œ Find your solution from the root of your problem. 

πŸ’œEat & Drink CLEAN for one week. Detox your body & mind. 

πŸ’œ Delete or stay off social media for one month. My challenge for you. 

πŸ’œ Let go & live. 
I hope some of these work for you! If you’re wanting to read a more in depth post about how I use my top 11 methods to get a grip on my anxiety, click this link to be redirected to that post.
 I found that I really started thriving when I refused to give in to the anxious feelings. It boils down to- if you’re not happy in what you’re currently doing.. change it. You have that power. A lot of the anxiety now days is spawned from social media and the “ideal” life living solely online (meaning what you see MAY not be reality but just a snapshot of one moment in time)- so cleanse. Spend that 15 minutes you usually put towards Instagram to paint with you kiddos or have a shaving cream art party. It’s a lot more fun than the latest gossip anyway.. So make those memories. Climb a waterfall and drink from it. Get outside and clear your mind. You got this!