When you start to make your baby registry, things can get VERY overwhelming. There are hundreds of things to choose from as options, you weigh which items you would rather have as gifts versus purchase for yourself, and there´s always that subtle nag in your ear telling you the items aren´t ¨necessary¨. I have created my ultimate registry list full of explanations if you want to know about my experience with each product read this post, but I attached links to the products to make registering simple for you below to make your shopping experience quick and easy. You will notice I tried to do a girl version and a boy version for many of the items below.. I have a son and daughter, so I chose to include items from both of their registries to make it easier for you to just click depending on the sex of your baby. These are affiliate links which just means I earn a commission if you use my links to purchase your items, at no extra cost to you. To start your registry quick & easy, click here. 

There are items missing from this registry, like diaper rash ointment, that I chose not to include because I use breastmilk for these. Breastmilk has many other uses besides filling your baby´s belly. If you would like to read more about the different ways breastmilk can be used, see this article. If you plan to add the items to your online registry with amazon be sure to look in the details for each item to see subscription options. I listed the items below that I currently am subscribed to; this is a big money saver for items that you use regularly- like diapers, wipes, etc. There is also a downloadable checklist here  if you work better with the physical checklist in hand. 

  • Happy Shopping and CONGRATS on your sweet baby love!


Amazon or Visa to be used anywhere


Gas Drops, Gripe Water, Saline Spray

Stroller/Car Seat Combo

Car Seats- Convertible 

Bumbo Chair/Seat 

Baby Swing/mamaRoo

Rock N Play Sleeper


Diaper Changing Table/Attachment

Pad, Cover, and Protector 

Travel diaper changing station. 

Diapers- Subscription Item!! Suggestion: Register for different sizes

Wipe Warmer

Breast Pump

Diaper Bag


Boppy Pillow/Nursing Pillow


Pack n Play

Baby Monitor/ Owlet 

Noise Machine/Night Light

Clothes, Clothes, and more Clothes

Sleep Sacks/Swaddles

Gowns- Nighttime GAME CHANGER

Burp Rags- With Aspen I only used cloth diapers as burp rags, but I registered for these with Knox.


Lotions and Soaps

Hygiene Kit



Stroller Fan

Baby Detergent- SUBSCRIPTION Item

Mittens & Teething Mittens


zipper Pajamas- mother above, NO BUTTONS

Poop Out Onesies (You can buy these by the bundle)


Baby Walker/Jumper

Baby Toys/Play Mat

Click the following link to download the printable version for free!!Baby Registry Must HAVE Items

Happy Shopping!